Frame for Grib Heads

I like to make DIY stuff for photography. Recently, I decided to create a custom frame for my DIY modifiers using 8mm and 12mm aluminum tubes and a 3D printed part (you can find the step file here). I was eager to see how it would perform in action, so I put it to the test with a range of different modifiers.

Results were varied, but overall quite successful. The frame held up well and was able to support a range of different modifiers although some were on it’s weight limit. Check out the images below to see some of the results I was able to achieve with this setup.

Base without any modifiers.
A film made for darkening car windows. The packet claims that it allows 45% of light to pass through, while also providing a “smoky color” effect. Has magenta tint (WB 6500K -1 => 6500K -9) but totally usable. Reduces 1.1 stops of light.
Film x 2 (WB 6500K -1 => 6500K -21). Reduces 2.1 stops of light.
Net used to block insects in doors and windows. No change in white balance. Reduces 0.9 stops of light. Stacking nets didn’t give much drop on light like with the film.
This is why the frame is U shaped. You can see the striped shadows when the frame is upside down.
Diffusor test. This one works well and is the one that I have used the most.
Test to see how flag works. It’s made from cardboard, black paper and gaffer tape. Weight is in the limit of the aluminium frame.
Reflector from card board and aluminium foil and tape. Works for photography but not for video. The foil makes a lot of noise. Again a bit heavy for the frame.


Holder was made with 8mm aluminium tube that was bent to 60x90cm U shape frame.
Short 12mm tube that is used to attach it to the grib head was then glued to it with the 3D printed T-piece.