Frozen Photographer

Temperatures in eastern Finland  have been between -15 and -30°C lately. I’m really not a winter person so these weathers are not for me. But of course trees have nice frost and it looks beautiful everywhere. So what can you do but go out and start taking photos. Luckily my Nikon does not seem to mind about sub -20°C temperatures  and even the battery seemed to have enough juice. Can’t say same thing about me. If you put a woolen scarf or helmet to cover your cheeks and mouth your breath puts your glasses and camera screen to such a frost that you can’t see anything. If you don’t … well your cheeks start to get cold pretty quickly. Fur hat seems to be a pretty good compromise. At least it keeps your head warm and also a part of your cheeks if you put the flaps down. And hey you get a funny beard for free!

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