Imagine this . . .


Once upon a time there was a king

He had his realm and he had his queen

But then came the end of the fairytale

And he lost them both and all in between


Look at him now and you’d never know

That one day he did have a dream

He knew he could make it real

Based on a vision he had seen


So he chose to play the game

And he won against all odds

Nothing could’ve been better

He was in the favour of the gods


Nothing good without something bad

The secret is in the cycles

If you can’t see it only you are to blame

The secret is in the cycles

If you can’t see it, Joker is your name


At the top there’s only one way to go

He didn’t see it coming or so they say

Blinded by the lights he never realized

What goes around comes back the same way


And then the gods turned their backs on him

In a ship without sails he sailed

Praying to the gods, trying to please them all

So is it any wonder that he failed?


The people started to cry for revolution

And in the end the king lost his head

First they made him their court jester

A human wreck, better off dead

Lyric by Jari Hämynen

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