‘Life of Helmut’ Book

‘Life of Helmut’ book is finally sitting on my desk. The book looks better in print than I expected. I didn’t want to use any of the proprietary software that many online photo printing shops offer. Instead I used Scribus which offered complete freedom for layout. Scribus can output PDF/X-3 which is a subset of PDF that is more suitable for prepress. I could not find many places that can print book from PDF/X-3 and I ended up choosing  Blurb. Since most of the pages are with the same layout and I have heavy programming background final book was made with python script that layouts photos to Scribus document. This also allows me to change book size, cover size, etc. if I need (eg. for different prepress).

It was a versatile project. All photos were photographed during only two days in summer. Texts were a bigger obstacle, but using just short sentences I was able to put those together. All text pages have different backgrounds but that is a subject of another post.

You can find view book online, download PDF and find a link to Blurb from here.