Macro Keyboard

I wanted to test how Expresskeys EK-84 custom keyboard works as a photoshop macro keyboard. It was not as easy as I initially thought. I ended up writing some python, photoshop javascript, doing some woodworking and drawing a bunch of icons in Inkscape to get it where I wanted. All the code and files can be found here.


  • Lots of keys to assign macros
  • Very nerdy


  • Setup software is windows only. Works just fine in macos after the configure.
  • Time consuming to setup

I will continue using it now that it works how I want to, but I cannot recommend it to anyone unless you are a nerd willing to do some necessary work to configure it.

Keyboard and wacom tablet
Icons were printed with normal laser printer on regular paper.
Another edge is raised with plywood so it sits nicely over the wacom tablet.
Current icon set