Mamiya-Sekor Shift C 50mm f/4

I acquired an old Mamiya shift lens to assess the performance of vintage glass on GFX. I intend to employ it chiefly with shift and narrow apertures when capturing 1:6 scale room settings. I performed a comparative evaluation with two GFX lenses: the 110mm f/2 (excellent sharpness even when wide open) and the GFX “kit zoom” 35-70mm. Wide open at f/4, Mamiya produces notably soft corners, particularly with shift. I would say it is only usable when your subject is in the center. However, at the intended apertures of f/16 and f/22, it approaches the image quality of GFX’s own lenses. It meets my requirements satisfactorily. As a last note I must say that these older lenses are just beautiful and the clicks in aperture ring just perfect.

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