Millennium Falcon

I’ve held onto several cherished Lego mechanic sets from my childhood. Recently, I decided to bring two of them back to life – the 8860 car and the 857 motorcycle – and displayed them on my shelf. This sparked an idea to tackle a larger, more ambitious project. The 7541-piece Millennium Falcon 75192 (you can find it here) seemed like the perfect fit. While it used to be the biggest Lego set, now I think it’s the Eiffel Tower with a whopping 10,001 pieces, which you can see here.

The assembly process was a labor of love, with 17 sets of bags, each taking 1.5 to 2 hours. My son and I dedicated around 30 hours to bringing this masterpiece to life. Interestingly, Lego doesn’t provide an official display stand for the Falcon, so I turned to eBay for a custom-made stand crafted from Lego-like bricks, which you can check out here.

After completing the Millennium Falcon, I stumbled upon my son’s old Lego stash and unearthed Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter 8017 and the X-wing Starfighter 6212, which now have a spot on the shelf alongside the Millennium Falcon.

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