Questions, part I

Recently I have got couple on inquiries from art students that if I could answer to some questions. It was interesting to answer these since there was things that I haven’t really thought before and I found this useful for myself too. Here’s the first one from Daniel Reader (Instagram @DRphotoartuk).


Within in the photography what is you background? 

  • How did you get into it? Why?
    I started photographing seriously after I had to retire from daily work and wanted to try something creative.
  • What training and educational routes did you follow?
    As a photographer I’m self-taught. I have read countless of magazines, books and internet articles and watched tons of youtube videos. But I think I have learnt most from watching other photographs and other art. Seeing the amazing work that others have made is something that also pushes me forward to make my own work.
  • Any Influences that made you get into photography?
    Nothing special. I’m not a good in drawing so camera seemed a more natural way of making images. I have always liked horror, scifi, fantasy art and movies that are a bit from the dark side. Also my music taste is on the heavy metal. So these have surely influenced my style.


If possible to know why did you retire from being a software engineer to become photographer? 

  • After looking into your work why did you choose the route of a fine art Photographer?
    For me my image making is more art than photography and camera and photoshop are just tools that suite best for me. Tools that get me closest to the ideas that are in my head.
  • how did you transition between the two? I started as electrical engineer and chose to pursuit a passion that I have had for many years, my reason was due to mental health and not seeing a career path in where I was going.
    I got depressed in 2004 and could not continue in my day job anymore. I got retired 2009 for the same reason. Since I have always been a person that likes to do things, sitting in the rocking chair was not an option even if retired. Photography works as a therapy too were you can put your feelings and now that I can make my own time tables I can balance the amount of work I can manage.


How do you advertise you work?
Social media, try to get my work in magazines (online and paper), photo competitions, exhibitions and my blog.

Have you worked for a client or any companies?
No, but that could be possible if there is a suitable project.


Financially how do you fund the work you do? (if applicable or ball point figures would be much appreciated)

  • Budgets for shoots?
    Usually I pay those from my own pocket. Photoshop helps here a lot since it’s much cheaper to do some things in digital than in real life. Photo series cost typically 0€ – 200€. Lately I got my first grant to do a fineart project.
  • Income coming in from image sales/ Jobs?
    This is very limited (100-200€ / year) but everything helps.


What equipment do you use?
Nikon D800 with various lenses. Godox studio lights.

  • Do you own or hire equipment?
    I have my own camera gear and studio lights. I try to find props used and buy some new. I also often borrow props from local camera club members.
  • What do you use as a studio space?
    I have my own home studio (which can be seen in my bts photos) which is suitable for most things. Camera club has a bigger studio when that is not enough. Now days I have battery powered lights so I can also shoot in location.


Do you have any tips for entering competitions?
Trust your own instinct when selecting images and browse online where have your favourite photographers participated to find suitable competitions.

What are your future plans?
I had my first solo exhibition lately so that is definitely something that I would like to do more. Image wise I have more ideas for the future projects than I can possibly make.