Struck by a lightning out of the blue
Such a beautiful morning
Never imagined that we could be through
An end without warning


Life as I knew it is here no more
Can’t tell where it takes me
Feeling unreal like never before
Why don’t someone wake me


Horror of all horrors
I am not sleeping after all
Everything I see is real
Shocking truth revealed
My mind suddenly gone numb
I have nothing left to feel


The name of the game – Solitaire


A long cold arm of loneliness
It reaches out to touch my heart
So dumbfounded and betrayed
It wasn’t death that did us part


The name of the game – Solitaire


The vows that were once taken
Mere words without meaning
The ties that seemed unbroken
Their looks most deceiving


For every story with a happy end
There’s one that ends in tragedy
Excuse me for wanting to be alone
My misery needs no company


The name of the game – Solitaire


A lesson learned, thanks to you
I’ll be no more taken for a fool
Deal the cards, let’s live in sin
For my own good I have to win


The name of the game – Solitaire

Lyric by Jari Hämynen

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