Leather and Chrome
I snapped an extra shot during the last ‘How I Move’ shoot. I might’ve gone a bit heavier on the lighting, though I wasn’t entirely prepped. But hey, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.
Kuopio Fighter Club
For the final image in this series, I aimed for a simple portrait. The white wall appeared somewhat dull, so I introduced some color and texture to enhance it. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Kuopio Fighter Club for generously allowing us to shoot on their premises.
Ringside Thoughts
I wanted to capture an image with a slightly different mood – a boxer lost in thought beside the ring, conveying a sense of melancholy compared to the rest of the images. Unfortunately, I often forget to take setup images, particularly when shooting outside my studio. However, this time I happened to have one image...
Punching Bag Alley
I’m still using this collection of punching bags. For this image, I wanted to create the impression of a larger hall, so I mirrored the right half of the image. It’s easy to notice that it’s mirrored, but personally, I find that it works quite well.
The Punch
Near the ring, there was a cluster of punching bags that were already featured in the previous image. I found them quite picturesque and incorporated them into half of the images. Otherwise, capturing a shot like this was a ‘must have’ for the boxing series.
The boxer series continues with this captivating shot from behind. The boxer’s hoodie had a shiny appearance, prompting me to deliberately underexpose the image to preserve the highlights. Since I aimed to create a moody atmosphere, this approach also resulted in darker white walls.
In the Corner
Presenting the first image from my series of boxer-themed photographs. We were granted access to shoot at the premises of the Kuopio Fighter Club, which is located within an air raid shelter/cave in Kuopio, Finland. Assisting me with the lighting was my son.
NFFF Nordic Master of Photography 2023, Monochrome
Nordic Master of Photography, Monochrome title from Nordic Championship of Photography 2023 with four portraits of bearded men.
Portrait in Darkness
For the final image from this shoot, I chose to go with a black and white portrait. I wanted to try something a bit more traditional and classic, in contrast to the more stylized and artistic portraits we had done earlier. Despite the change in approach, I wanted to make sure that the darkness and...
The Beard
I wanted to really highlight the beard in this image, and I thought that using a headshot pose similar to the one from the Peaky Blinders poster would be the perfect way to do it. I believe that keeping the eyes hidden adds an element of drama and mystery to the image. By concealing this...
This leather apron was originally intended for grilling, but it also worked well as a welder’s apron, giving off some intense “welder from hell” vibes. I’ve used these welder glasses before, and they work great with a beard. With just these two simple props, I was able to create a really interesting, creative, and gritty...
I’ve had this leather jacket for a while, but I haven’t worn it in a long time. I’m glad I didn’t get rid of it, because it ended up being perfect for this pilot-themed image. These motorcycle goggles really completed the look. They fogged up easily, but it actually looked so good that I enhanced...
Rare Exports
My friend had grown a nice beard so I asked him to visit my home studio. Here’s the first image from the shoot. I named the picture after the best Christmas movie ever made. I also asked chatGPT what it would say about the image. My friend and I stumbled upon an eerie photograph of...
Fool for a king
Something a bit more conceptual for the last image from the self-portrait day shoot. The crown and the tophat are mine, but I made the tophat look like a hat from the mad hatter in photoshop.
Black Tears
The idea of the makeup came after taking this image. I just thought that it needed some extra. I found joker makeup images that I took in 2013. I then added that makeup to this image, and it looked much more like my kind of image.
The Fly
I have seen these portraits with a clear grid reflection on sunglasses. When I found these big round black sunglasses, I decided to give it a try. The image immediately reminded me of a fly, so naming the image was easy. I rarely make monochrome images, but I think it suited this one well. It...
I took one passport photo, and since my home studio was open, I took some self-portraits. One thing I tested was how this 110mm lens looks wide open. It is incredibly sharp, even in f/2. The second thing I tested was the automatic eye detection for self-portraits. It worked well in smaller apertures, but it...
Santa’s Story Continues…
Santa’s story continues… A bit more information what happened to santa during the xmas. Seems that it was a quite a wild ride. My favourite xmas movie is “Rare Exports” and I guess it shows in some of these images.
Xmas is Cancelled
Breaking News! Santa has been a bad boy and now it looks likely that xmas is cancelled. After various incidents he is now held in Korvatunturi police department. Naturally we follow the situation and inform you when we get more information. More to come…
How I Move – Jake
Next one for the “How I Move” project. There is a nice looking forest just beside the road in Puijo so we photographed this bike there. There was more than enough of mosquitos in the forest so we didn’t want to spent more time photographing that we had to. One even ended in the final...