1x virtual exhibition
My virtual exhibition, titled “Beyond the Veil”, has been highlighted as the featured exhibition on 1x.com for this month.
Gold for Dystopia
NSFF Gold for Dystopia photo video from Nordiskt Fotomästerskap Bildspel 2023. The photo series “Dystopia” was completed some time ago, but I decided to turn it into a video presentation when a photo competition was announced by the Nordic Society of Photography. These photos from the series are still dear to me and, considering the...
PSA Image of the Year 2017
PSA Image of the Year 2017 / Color section  
“Kerroksia” Photo Exhibition Now Open
“Kerroksia” photo exhibition is now open in art centre Väinölä, Varkaus, Finland. It’s open until 28.9 Mon-Fri 10-17.
Photo Exhibition “Kerroksia”
My photography exhibition ”Kerroksia” (“Layers”) in Art centre Väinölä, Varkaus, Finland 3.9.-28.9.2018. For the silhouette image I used softbox behind me. Works great. I traced the image in Inkscape by hand and imported it in photoshop. I wanted a retro look and choose an appropriate font for that. Heavy grain and color grading finished the...
One Eyeland Awards 2017
One Eyeland Awards 2017 – Bronze for Dystopia.
ND Awards 2017
ND Awards 2017 – Bronze Star Award for Dystopia and Honorable Mention for Mr. White
PSA Image of the Year 2016
PSA Image of the Year 2016 / Color section
Dystopia in Torture Magazine
Dystopia photo essay in Torture magazine.
10th International Color Awards
Nominee for Mmm, Chocolate and HM for Blind Justice in Fine Art from 10th International Color Awards, 2017.
PSA Journal – Image of the Year
PSA Journal January 2017 – Image of the Year Competitions.
PSA Image of the Year
PSA Image of the Year 2015 / Color section
ipa – int’l photography awards 2016
Honorable mention for Dystopia (in Fine Art/Other) from int’l photography awards 2016.
Dystopia in Stitch
Interview in Stitch
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016
PX3 Gold for Dystopia (in Fine Art) from PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016.  
mifa – Moscow International Foto Awards 2016
Honorable mention for Mmm, chocolate (in Self-Portrait) and for Dystopia (in Fine Art) from Moscow International Foto Awards 2016.
Dystopia in The Artbo
Dystopia published in The Artbo
Dystopia – Fotofinlandia Finalist
After retirement I have expressed a lot of my feelings in my photographs. It has been very therapeutic. When making this series I went through my mental journey in the past years by picturing it as a dystopian society. Little human facing a faceless society was an easy role to play. I have taken a...
More for the series, this time with tyranny theme. I made couple of things for this image. I needed baton and fake plastic ones with postage were more expensive than cheap garden hoe. I just added some paracord to make a handle. I also think this wooden one worked much better in the picture which...
Dystopian Democratic Republic
Comply – or else Innocence is no excuse for your self-defence You must obey See things in the light they say If you are not with them You must be against them That is the way their thinking goes They see themselves as royalty Doubting them is a travesty Anywhere they look there are foes...