Freddy Portraits
I had couple of more images left from the photoshoot with my son. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you..
Welcome to my dream world
This was a last minute idea when I was moving the chair out of the way. Why not not use it in one of the images to get some variety.
Freddy vs Jason
I first bought the Freddy Krueger glove to put it on the shelve. Then I thought that why not make a photo shoot out of it. To make an outfit complete, I needed to buy a couple of more things like the mask and the iconic shirt. My son promised to be Freddy, and I...
Super cheap and easy DIY mask stand
I needed a mask display stand for my Freddy Krueger latex mask from Trick or Treat Studios. I ended up making this super cheap DIY stand that was fast to make. You only need some leftover wood, a screw, an empty soda bottle and a black sock (in my case a one without a pair).