Necessary Evil
I’m stuck with this room concept and I’m good with that. I did it in “The Dark Room” series and for this new series “Peculiar Events” I’m doing it again. In contrast to my previous approach, where I used photoshopped room, I have built a real 1:6 scale room for this series. As a hobbyist,...
From the Darkness I will Rise
I’m planning a new series now that summer is ending. Alongside that, I have some summer projects still going on. To get a break, I just wanted to take some photographs to get to the back of the camera.
Freddy Portraits
I had couple of more images left from the photoshoot with my son. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you..
Welcome to my dream world
This was a last minute idea when I was moving the chair out of the way. Why not not use it in one of the images to get some variety.
Freddy vs Jason
I first bought the Freddy Krueger glove to put it on the shelve. Then I thought that why not make a photo shoot out of it. To make an outfit complete, I needed to buy a couple of more things like the mask and the iconic shirt. My son promised to be Freddy, and I...
The Staircase
I looked at this staircase already the last time, but now I had an idea for it. I think placing the flash upstairs worked really well in this case.
The Gathering
This long bench was still there and still in one piece. I took five exposures to get some exorcist vibes to the image.
Dance of Death
Last-minute idea from Johanna before leaving the school. Flash with a long exposure (1.0s) to get this eerie feeling to the image.
I’m Waiting
All windows have been broken for a long time. Some have still some pieces attached and look nice with the strobe.
Out of the Crapper
Old crapper in the house across the yard. Not sure if this is teachers crapper. There was also one with multiple holes behind the rightmost door, probably for the pupils.
We Are Gonna Get You
The schoolyard is now quite full of vegetation. Good for some autumn shots.
Hello my friend
Horror-themed photoshoot for Halloween. This is the same abandoned school as in Black Widow photos. I will be posting several of these before Halloween.
35 Awards – Horror Photography
“Slaughterhouse 42” ranked to one of the best in 35 Awards – Horror Photography Contest
Slaughterhouse 42
Now that I have the meat cleaver and halloween is coming I though I make couple of horror images. It felt really good to make a) self portraits and b) horror images in a long time.
Headstone and the Coffin
For the next series I need a prop coffin. Since a real size coffin would be expensive to make and hard to store, I made it from xps foam in 1:6 scale (action figures). Although a real size coffin in the backyard might have been a great conversation starter… Time will tell if this works...
Skullhead image to hone photoshop skills after summer break…
Story of a Vampire
We had an interesting shoot this week. Merja asked me to assist her and we noticed that the set might work for me too so we made props together and shot two shoots at once. Merja also did the dress for the vampire. One of the first images that was starting to show my style to be...
Nun Horror
The problem was that do I want to stay with the same character with these pictures which had meant similar eyes for every picture. Images and my ideas were so different that I decided to go just what I think looks best in each image and not trying to do any series with these. This...
I like horror themed images so I guess I should do more of them. Many of my images are dark so somehow when I started doing horror the idea was pretty light image. Well I think it gives some contradiction to the image which I like to do. The mask is an italian commando hood....
Haunted House
Half way editing this haunted house image I started thinking why I chose my own head as the haunted house. I think Freud might find something here… This image started as a pencil drawing and then I just used my old images to get it to together. Chimney I didn’t have in my photos so I...