Sweat Dreams in Abduzeedo – Daily Inspiration #1914
Sweat Dreams in Abduzeedo – Daily Inspiration #1914
Bloodthirsty in 500px weekly contest winners
Bloodthirsty in 500px Halloween Fright Night Contest Winners
Sweat Dreams
Since it’s halloween time I thought that I make one image for the occasion. I have orc skull that I photographed with the same lights I used for myself. Then I photoshopped some of the skull to my face. One thing that I have started to use is notes layer. I first saw it used in Phlearn...
Jan-Peter asked me if I would like to do a small photo battle. I immediately said yes. We selected Jason theme and went to the camera club studio. We both had our own ideas and we photographed bunch of photos for further editing. And now we are proudly to present the results:
Continuing with the devil theme. This time adding some hell fire…
I’m Gonna Get You
Camera Club theme of the month is ‘Rule of Thirds’ and I was thinking something that would place eye on one of the points. This horror themed picture came to mind. I made crack from black paper. I could have made that in photoshop but this way I got soft edges with real ‘out of...
Bloodthirsty – One Eyeland POD
“Bloodthirsty” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day
Making of: Bloodthirsty
Made a short video about editing Bloodthirsty. I wanted to keep video short so it can be watched as a sort of an animation. That means that if you want to actually check the settings used you have to use slider and pause. For the start animation I used Blender. Not a program that you...
Another ‘Picture of the Month’ with self portrait. This one was taken when testing lights for the ‘Sporty portrait’. I like to test lights before actual model comes to ‘stage’. This is especially important when it’s someone like my son who has very little patience. A bit surprised about the win since it’s not for everyones’...