How I Move – Johanna
The “How I Move” series ventures forth with the timeless classic, the Citroën 2CV, its vibrant orange hue harmonizing seamlessly with the carpet of autumn leaves. While the backdrop trees retained a touch of green, they were deftly retouched to exude a more distinctly autumnal aura.
How I Move – Jussi
The third installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn features the BMW 335xi, a vehicle belonging to my son’s close friend. I inquired if he’d like to participate in this photographic venture, and the result is captured in the following images.
How I Move – Timo
Introducing the second installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn – this time featuring a striking motorcycle. The owner’s vision called for a raw, uncompromising concrete backdrop, a choice that harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of this remarkable machine.
How I Move – Mikko
Autumn’s arrival signals the perfect moment to resume the ‘How I Move’ series. Mikko, a fellow photographer from our local camera club, was the inaugural subject. Stay tuned for more to follow.
NFFF Nordic Master of Photography 2023, Monochrome
Nordic Master of Photography, Monochrome title from Nordic Championship of Photography 2023 with four portraits of bearded men.
How I Move – Sari
– “I can photograph you with the green Škoda for this series.”– “No, I prefer the electric bike.”– “Well, that’s fine as well.”That was the conversation with my wife to get her to be part of the “How I Move” series. I wanted the water behind the bike to be smoother. It was simple enough,...
How I Move – Henna
Another image pair for the “How I Move” series. Horses are a bit trickier to photograph in this style. While he was a good sport there is always a little movement between frames like it would with humans too. Takes a bit longer in post and have to use different techniques for layer blending but...
How I Move – Kari
I was going to continue the “How I Move” series earlier, but the pandemic got in the way. But I think now is a good time to continue this project. For a first new pair of images I photographing Kari and his Triumph. If you want to join in the series there is more info...
How I Move – PX3 Silver
PX3 Silver for “How I Move” Series (Portraiture/other – non-professional) from Paris France.
ND Awards 2019
HM for “How I Move” (5 images) in People: Portrait category and HM for “Masculinity” (5 images) in Fine Art: Conceptual category from ND Awards 2019.
How I Move – Petri
Last one for the “How I move” series this summer. It’s a self portrait and my favourite way of moving is walking…
How I Move – Lauri
I did this “How I Move” shoot as a training for the local camera club. Camera club has it’s studio in a cave/air-raid shelter so we drove the Fiat 500 inside. It had plenty of room for the car.
How I Move – Matti
Another Yamaha VMax for the series. Owner liked the locomotive background of the first one so I used it for this one too. This locomotive is from the Kuopio railway station.
How I Move – Katja
Next in line for “How I Move” series was first transportation that mankind ever had (other than feet). It was challenging to light the subject similarly than the other images but I got enough shots to stitch them together in photoshop.
How I Move – Laura
This time I photographed both the portrait and the transportation on location. My background fabric was kind of pathetic but it did what it supposed to do and since I texture it anyway it does not really matter that much. A newer car was yet again a bit different to photograph. Next time some exposures...
How I Move – Niko
Niko has this wonderful Volkswagen Beetle so I asked him to be part of my “How I Move” series. It had it’s own thoughts about being photographed and it didn’t start from the parking lot. No problem we photographed the car there and I added the background we had in mind in post. I had...
How I Move – Olli
Olli dropped by and we took this image pair for the the “How I Move” -series. Already had couple of motorbikes but this is first bicycle. Different vehicles are a bit different to photograph. Learning new things from every shoot.  
How I Move – Jake
Next one for the “How I Move” project. There is a nice looking forest just beside the road in Puijo so we photographed this bike there. There was more than enough of mosquitos in the forest so we didn’t want to spent more time photographing that we had to. One even ended in the final...
How I Move – Markus
Another summer project is getting first pictures. It’s a series of image pairs with portrait and how different peoples move from place A to B. Portrait is photographed in studio or on location with one light setup and simple background. “Conveyance” is light painted with one strobe on location.
Markku’s Vmax
Joel Grimes has done images from bikers and bikes. I like his style and we tested something similar with Markku. Not sure if this is going to be series or not. It could also include more than bikes, like pink scooters and old cars. This shoot did not go as planned. We were going to...