Nordic Championship of Photography – collection/series 2023
I was awarded the NFFF Gold at the Nordic Championship of Photography – collection/series 2023 for my ‘The Boxer’ series. I don’t think I have ever received perfect scores from every judge, neither for an image series nor for a single image.
NFFF Nordic Master of Photography 2023, Monochrome
Nordic Master of Photography, Monochrome title from Nordic Championship of Photography 2023 with four portraits of bearded men.
Gold for Dystopia
NSFF Gold for Dystopia photo video from Nordiskt Fotomästerskap Bildspel 2023. The photo series “Dystopia” was completed some time ago, but I decided to turn it into a video presentation when a photo competition was announced by the Nordic Society of Photography. These photos from the series are still dear to me and, considering the...
Nordiskt fotomästerskap
NSFF Gold for Men and NFFF HM for Petri from Nordiskt fotomästerskap 2017.