Prop Silencer
For a photo idea, I require a prop gun equipped with a silencer. Luckily, I have an airsoft pistol that appeared sufficiently realistic in photos. However, in order to complete the illusion, I needed to fabricate a silencer. I made it from a PVC pipe, 3D printed parts, a machine screw, and some glue.
DIY storage for (sun)glasses
I have a lot of sunglasses and glasses that I use as photography props, and it was difficult to find the ones I needed because they were all jumbled up in a box. So, I decided to make my own storage solution.
Meat Cleaver
I tried to find used meat cleaver online for photography prop but could not find that look good to me. I decided to make a fake one from leftover plexiglass and old oak door sill. You can find the process below in slideshow and video form.
Battle Axe
We were playing with the metal detector at the summer cottage and found this really rusty axe head. I thought that this could make a nice battle axe prop. So here’s a little restoration project to make a battle axe. Other items used: cheap mattock (new), old leather jacket and metal button.  It’s suprisingly heavy...
Doctor bag
During the vampire shoot I got this doctor bag from Laura Puntila Artist. Many thanks for that. It’s just perfect for the death character. It was a bit dusty so I did some lite restoration, cleaning it with mild soap and oiling it with leather oil. Metal parts had nice patina so I didn’t have to do...
Fake Microphone
I’m planning a photo of a courtroom where one of the prop I need is microphone. Another from trash to props project was needed. It turned out pretty much how I wanted and total cost was 0€ so I’m happy.
Comic Style Bomb
I have a photo idea where I need a bomb. You know the group of dynamite bars with a timer device where you can wonder which wire to cut and do that in a last second. Well James Bond is quicker and usually has 0:07 on the clock when the bomb is disarmed…  I made...
Fantasy Gun
I was looking to various drawers and there was lots of left over bolts, pipes, resistors, capacitors, network connectors, you name it. I thought that I will try make fantasy style scope to my old gun. I think I went a little bit overboard but for a left over part DIY project I’m happy.
When I was finishing the coffin my son came to our backyard with his friend and asked “What are you doing?”. “A coffin” I answered. Not sure what his friend was thinking…