These kind of wigs are hard to photograph for me. They shine quite unnaturally and have lot, I mean a lot, of flyaway hair to edit. Also the rim lights were a bit hot but I think I managed to get the hair in a state that looks good to me.
Skull and the Book
It took some time to finish these vampire images since me and my wife renovated our bedroom. At some point one wall was in bare concrete so I took some photos for textures. That ended up straight to the background of these images with some older textures.
Time has come
I have dome vampire themes before and it was time to get back to theme of longer teeth. I was tethering with Lightroom and decided to add our living room tv as a second display to Macbook Air. It was really simple using Apple TV and model could see the image right a way in...
Blond Vampire
My son blonded his hair during holidays so we took couple of portraits.
One Eyeland Awards 2018
One Eyeland Awards 2018 – Bronze for Story of a Vampire.  
Vampire, part X
It was a warm summer and then some. I finally got this vampire series ready by adding tree more images to it. It’s six months since these were photographed but they were not forgotten.
A Little Snack
Last vampire image in this style. I will probably do some more but I have a bit different ideas for those…
Empty Frames
Weather has been exceptionally good here in Finland so these Vampire images are coming a bit more slowly. Anyway here’s the first one…  
Story of a Vampire
We had an interesting shoot this week. Merja asked me to assist her and we noticed that the set might work for me too so we made props together and shot two shoots at once. Merja also did the dress for the vampire. One of the first images that was starting to show my style to be...
Bloodthirsty in 500px weekly contest winners
Bloodthirsty in 500px Halloween Fright Night Contest Winners
Annual exhibition of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs
Honorable Mention for Bloodthirsty from annual exhibition of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs 2014, Finland.
Bloodthirsty – One Eyeland POD
“Bloodthirsty” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day
DIYP “How I took it” Contest 2012
Most of this info has been in my blog already but I collect it here for the DIYP contest. “Bloodthirsty” photo was taken when testing lights for the sporty picture of my son. Lights took me several hours to set up. I haven’t done three light setups before so it included some reading too. When...
Making of: Bloodthirsty
Made a short video about editing Bloodthirsty. I wanted to keep video short so it can be watched as a sort of an animation. That means that if you want to actually check the settings used you have to use slider and pause. For the start animation I used Blender. Not a program that you...
Another ‘Picture of the Month’ with self portrait. This one was taken when testing lights for the ‘Sporty portrait’. I like to test lights before actual model comes to ‘stage’. This is especially important when it’s someone like my son who has very little patience. A bit surprised about the win since it’s not for everyones’...