Taking a Dump

…or as we Finnish call it “Paskalla”. There is an underlying theme of corporate power and money coming first, everything else second. But I think there is still much humour in the pictures.

Water tank of our toilet seat was leaking and had to be replaced. I saved the old seat and thought that it could make an interesting photoshoot. We got the project going on sunday at 17:00 and sun was setting at 18:46 so time was a bit limited but I think we managed to get nice set of pictures. After selection process I got seven pictures to post process. I noticed that there is still lot of green in the trees although autumn has clearly come. I wanted the images to look more autumn like so I used Hue/Saturation and Brilliance / Warmth in Nik Color Efex Pro. Effects were added selectively using masks. That worked quite nicely especially in “Golden Moment”.

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