The Dark Room

I was listening to my favourite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking “Should I make images from the songs in my favourite album?”. That was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone on their own way and I have over forty sketches in my book. Songs from the album are still there but lots of other ideas too. After the first images are now ready this feels pretty much exactly what I currently want to do. I was planning to start photographing these in May but it went to November before the first shoot happened. That was a good thing since some ideas got more refined and I got a lot of new ones too.

I photographed this in my home studio. I also build a similar setup in 1:6 scale. I plan to use 1:6 scale miniatures in some of the images so I wanted a similar setup for both miniatures and life-size photos. I think it’s easier to composite the images together this way since lighting, perspectives and tones are pretty much the same in all the images.

The room was made completely in photoshop. I have done this before and for a hobbyist like me, this is cost-effective. I would love to build a set like this in the studio someday, but I doubt I never have the budget. Well, this is the second-best thing and I still get the images I want with the budget I have. All textures and images used for the background were also photographed (and some hand painted) by me during the years. I just feel that images are more of my own when I use my own “stock”. Nothing against stock images, just my personal preference.