Two Graves

This image takes inspiration from a proverb by Confucius about revenge. I enlisted my son as a model for this project. To give the portrait an old photograph vibe, I added water damage and greases for an authentic look. Additionally, I created a plain monochrome version of this image and another frame from the same photoshoot.

Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves

I created a fake silencer earlier (link). This is the first image I used it in. However, it appears that the silencer is not perfectly straight, so I had to straighten it using Photoshop. The grave was crafted from XPS foam by first spraying it with water and then torching it. After painting it, it resembled stone. To create the anger meter, I assembled a metal ring, 3D printed parts, and laser printed the face. I also added LED lights to the back to make it light up.