Theme of the month for the Local camera club is “two”, so I made a 3×3 grid of pictures of twos related to the making of photos.

  • Planning and notes. ‘Teemana kaksi’ = ‘Two is the theme’
  • Lens. Shooting at f/2.
  • Flash control at full power divided by 2 (These photos were photographed in natural light).
  • Exposure correction at +2.
  • Focus is way of at -2.
  • Lightroom shows the f/2 too.
  • 2 in keyboard changes brush to 20% opacity in photoshop.
  • Caffeine is main ingredient in photo editing. Seems to have some vitamins too at 2mg and 2µg.
  • Caffeine can also mean some late night editing sessions.

And of course black borders in the photo are 2% of the width.