Wooden Case 2


After finishing the first wooden computer case project I got lots of ideas how it could be made better. So I made some drawings and when the time was right I started building a another one. I got veneer for free from paper factory. They use veneer disks to cover big paper rolls and some them were really good quality (well maybe little bit dirty but otherwise OK). I decided that this case will be standing in it’s own feet and would be computer desk in it’s true meaning. Since I had veneer for free I used it a lot and my case is a bit massive (over 100kg). Hopefully I’m not moving in a near future…

Sound insulation

I used 20mm of sound insulation materials between two veneer sheets. It makes the the case very heavy but it’s not going anywhere. Hopefully… I made also sound traps for both incoming and outgoing air. For HDDs I made a special tunnel that has it’s own fan rotating in slow speed. It keeps them cool and quiet.

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