The Punch
Near the ring, there was a cluster of punching bags that were already featured in the previous image. I found them quite picturesque and incorporated them into half of the images. Otherwise, capturing a shot like this was a ‘must have’ for the boxing series.
The boxer series continues with this captivating shot from behind. The boxer’s hoodie had a shiny appearance, prompting me to deliberately underexpose the image to preserve the highlights. Since I aimed to create a moody atmosphere, this approach also resulted in darker white walls.
In the Corner
Presenting the first image from my series of boxer-themed photographs. We were granted access to shoot at the premises of the Kuopio Fighter Club, which is located within an air raid shelter/cave in Kuopio, Finland. Assisting me with the lighting was my son.
NFFF Nordic Master of Photography 2023, Monochrome
Nordic Master of Photography, Monochrome title from Nordic Championship of Photography 2023 with four portraits of bearded men.
16th International Color Awards
Nominee for Burning at Both Ends in Fine Art and End of Excitement in Portrait from 16th International Color Awards, 2023.
The Dark Room in Kamera magazine
The Dark Room series had the honor of being featured in the Finnish Kamera magazine.
Frame for Grib Heads
I like to make DIY stuff for photography. Recently, I decided to create a custom frame for my DIY modifiers using 8mm and 12mm aluminum tubes and a 3D printed part (you can find the step file here). I was eager to see how it would perform in action, so I put it to the...
Mamiya-Sekor Shift C 50mm f/4
I acquired an old Mamiya shift lens to assess the performance of vintage glass on GFX. I intend to employ it chiefly with shift and narrow apertures when capturing 1:6 scale room settings. I performed a comparative evaluation with two GFX lenses: the 110mm f/2 (excellent sharpness even when wide open) and the GFX “kit...
The current theme of the month for my local camera club is diversity, and I wanted to make something for this important topic. However, I found myself struggling to come up with a compelling concept. Despite wracking my brain for inspiration, I was feeling a bit stumped and uncertain of where to begin. After a...
Prop Silencer
For a photo idea, I require a prop gun equipped with a silencer. Luckily, I have an airsoft pistol that appeared sufficiently realistic in photos. However, in order to complete the illusion, I needed to fabricate a silencer. I made it from a PVC pipe, 3D printed parts, a machine screw, and some glue.
Flash Cover
I found myself in need of a protective cap for one of my flashes. Rather than waiting for one to arrive from China, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design and 3D print one myself. Not only was it a quicker solution, but it also allowed me to customize the design...
Gold for Dystopia
NSFF Gold for Dystopia photo video from Nordiskt Fotomästerskap Bildspel 2023. The photo series “Dystopia” was completed some time ago, but I decided to turn it into a video presentation when a photo competition was announced by the Nordic Society of Photography. These photos from the series are still dear to me and, considering the...
Necessary Evil
I’m stuck with this room concept and I’m good with that. I did it in “The Dark Room” series and for this new series “Peculiar Events” I’m doing it again. In contrast to my previous approach, where I used photoshopped room, I have built a real 1:6 scale room for this series. As a hobbyist,...
Top light in home studio
I was searching for a solution to bring a large top light into my home studio, which has a normal room height and a relatively low ceiling. I discovered that using the inner diffuser of a 200x140cm reflector mounted on two C stands would do the trick. The C stands were also used to hold...
Shortening studio stand
I was looking to take a photo from a longer distance and our bedroom door provides the perfect line of sight against the grey background. However, the height of my studio stand was an issue when getting through the doorway. While hand-held photography is an option, I wanted to use stand in this situation too....
DIY storage for (sun)glasses
I have a lot of sunglasses and glasses that I use as photography props, and it was difficult to find the ones I needed because they were all jumbled up in a box. So, I decided to make my own storage solution.
Chair in the Corridor – Fstopppers POTD
Chair in the Corridor
Edits 2022
As the final task of the year for my photography, I updated my portfolio and created a video showcasing my Photoshop edits from 2022, including lighting diagrams. I tend to watch these edit videos through myself to identify any mistakes I may have made and use them as a learning opportunity for myself too. I...
Portrait in Darkness
For the final image from this shoot, I chose to go with a black and white portrait. I wanted to try something a bit more traditional and classic, in contrast to the more stylized and artistic portraits we had done earlier. Despite the change in approach, I wanted to make sure that the darkness and...
The Beard
I wanted to really highlight the beard in this image, and I thought that using a headshot pose similar to the one from the Peaky Blinders poster would be the perfect way to do it. I believe that keeping the eyes hidden adds an element of drama and mystery to the image. By concealing this...